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Making use of ever-expanding technologies, UCA provides a number of energy services, including lighting installation, retrofit services, and commercial film installation. Utilizing these services we provide our clients with the highest possible standard of workplace lighting conditions while simultaneously reducing energy and maintenance costs. Given that the cost of operating lighting and HVAC systems is the major portion of a company's utility expense, we encourage our clients to take a proactive approach to energy control and make the most of their organization's full operational capacity.

At UCA, our energy services include a number of short- and long-term benefits:

  • Lower operating costs (35-40% in energy savings)
  • Improved quality of lighting
  • Improved workplace environment
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Compliance with federal government standards

These are just a few of the potential benefits our energy control services can provide. At UCA, we realize that energy efficiency is about much more than simple cost-effectiveness. Our experienced energy specialists and retrofitting crews are trained to assess your lighting needs and design solutions based upon your unique requirements. With a demonstrated history of providing effective, energy efficient lighting systems, we stand solidly behind our products and installation services because nothing less is at stake than "our reputation for excellence."


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