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LightingPro is a division of United Consulting Associates, Inc., a privately held corporation doing business in the field of commercial energy control. Founded in 1971, the corporate office and warehouse is located in Morgantown, Indiana.

As a licensed, commercial electrical contractor since 1971, the company quickly developed a reputation for excellence. During the '70s, the demand for energy control products had become apparent, and the company sought to identify and market product lines and services to address the need for conservation. By 1987 lighting had become an obvious service area and was added to the overall direction of the company.

UCA operates in two major arenas, and it is accordingly divided into two separate divisions. The first is the energy control film company named Solar Master; the second is the lighting division named LightingPro. Both divisions incorporate installation teams that focus on high production, high quality methods.

LightingPro chooses to maintain its own staff, electing to fulfill their commitments with their own employees, rather than to hire subcontractors, which can lead to lower quality workmanship. Depending upon job size, type, and site conditions, their crews are generally made up of six to twelve technicians and supervisory personnel, each highly trained in the specific job skills necessary for this particular type of work. Crew member education extends beyond the many different talents needed to effectively complete a wide variety of retrofit types to include specialized training in the handling of hazardous material, safety, quality control, quality assurance, and vehicle safety. A specialized course on Working in the Offices of Tenants When They Are Not Present has given a polishing touch to jobsite performance. UCA's commitment to employee education contributes to the company's reputation of standing head and shoulders above the competition.

UCA customers are widely distributed across the country. Consequently, our lighting retrofit crews are highly mobile, traveling to jobs from coast to coast. The high level of repeat business, from a substantial client base, is evidence of the excellence of their performance.

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